deleting this blog in the near future but keeping it up for a little bit for the purpose of offering to anyone that wants it my new url! thanks pals its been good


a few quick reminders:

- that thing you did that was kind of embarrassing and weird, everyone else forgot about that already

- you look fine today, if you can’t notice something on your face standing 6 feet from a mirror then nobody else will either

- if something is out of your…

went to holy hill with my ny family which is a really nice catholic (I think) church and my great aunt and uncle henna and Jon are from Qatar and are Muslim and I wore this shirt that says “castianity” and something about praising castiel

I was like oh jeez I forgot I was wearing my blasphemy shirt and my uncle Jon goes “well between you me and henna we’re sure to be kicked out”



Where to, Cas?

To the stars, Dean Winchester. To sand between our toes, and wind in our hair. To watching birds and sharing sundaes. To as far as a tank of gas can take us. To where paved roads and rules end and freedom reigns. To where every moment is a new memory and every second counts. To where I can love and be loved in return. To where we can grow old together, and laugh while our hair turns grey. But that’s not what you’re asking, is it? You don’t realize how many ways I wish I could answer that question. So I’ll keep it to myself… and wait. One day you’ll see, Dean Winchester. One day you’ll understand. One day you’ll know without asking… I’d go anywhere, as long as it’s with you.

Thank you very much, the best tag I’ve seen in years or maybe in my whole life



Natasha “200% over this” Romanoff


i want u wrapped in my arms…like a burrito…be my baerrito